Create First Google Classroom

Guide to Help Teachers to Create First Google Classroom

A free web service that is developed by Google for the assistance of students and teachers is known as Google Classroom. With the help of Google Classroom, it is possible for the teachers to create, distribute and grade assignments in a paperless way. There are lots of benefits of Google Classroom like it is easily […]

Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux

Performance Comparison Between Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is open software and it was developed by Canonical in 2004. Ubuntu has also become one of the most important and reliable operating systems. The latest version of this series is 18.10. There are three official editions of Ubuntu. First is known as Ubuntu Desktop and this edition is available for the personal computer […]

How to Get Psychology Essay

How to Get First-Class Grade in Psychology Essay

Writing an outstanding psychology essay is an intimidating task due to its vastness and complicated area of interest. As we know that psychology is the study of mind and behavior. So, conducting research about a conscious and unconscious phenomenon and presenting ideas through an essay is not a piece of cake. The psychological field is […]