How to Prepare Exam Which Help You to Become Topper

NDA Exam Preparation Guidelines Which Will Make You Topper

NDA stands for the National Defence Academy exam. NDA exam is a popular defence entrance exam taken throughout the country. Students who want to join Army, Air Force, and Navy have to pass the NDA exam. The final selection of candidates depends on their performance in two phases. These phases include the SSB interview and written exams. After passing their intermediate level of education (12th), the male candidates are eligible for this exam. You can qualify for the NDA exam preparation after applying to UPSC NDA. But before applying for the NDA exam, the candidate must know about their age limitation criteria. For NDA, people aged between 16.5-19.5 years can apply only. Further, after selection, the candidates have to go through three-year coursework.

Some Basic Guide for How to Prepare Exam Which Helps You to Become Topper

NDA Exam Preparation Guidelines

1. Gather general information about the NDA exam

Before applying for NDA, the candidate should know a basic thing: the exam’s pattern. Exam pattern knowledge is the basic tool that can help you crack it. The written NDA exams have two sections. These include Mathematics and the General ability test (GAT). The total marks for the mathematics paper are 300. Likewise, the NDA reserves for the GAT paper are 600.

Other important facts about the NDA exams are as follows;

  1. The mode of NDA examination is offline. It means that you have to solve the question on a hard-exam sheet.
  2. The NDA exam has two main sections, i.e. Mathematics and GAT.
  3. The paper for an NDA exam is based on the objectives. It only contains MCQs type questions for evaluating your abilities.
  4. The total number of questions in the NDA exams is 270. Among these 270 questions, 120 belong to Mathematical calculations. At the same time, the remaining 150 questions aim to check the students’ general abilities.
  5. This way, the total marks for NDA written exams are 900. Out of those 900 marks, 300 are for the Mathematical portion, and 600 are allocated to the general ability test.
  6. The total time allotted for the final exams is 2.5 hours for each section.
  7. The GAT section for the NDA exam further contains two papers. These are as follows;
  • Paper A-English
  • Paper B-General Knowledge
  1. The total marks for the English section are 200. Likewise, the maximum marks for Paper B are 400. The general knowledge section contains questions from the following disciplines;
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • Current events
  • General science
  • History, Freedom, and Movements
  1. For NDA exams preparation, you can get maximum marks by focusing on the following subjects;
  • Calculus
  • Quadratic equations
  • Probability
  • Matrices and Determinants
  • Trigonometry
  • Complex Number

2. A tip to score maximum marks:

Besides the paper pattern, candidates should be familiar with the marking criteria. This is because it will help them in NDA exam preparation.

  • In Mathematical section: Each question in NDA exams carries 2.5 marks. The student will only get 2.5 marks for a correct answer. Unfortunately, a wrong answer will lead to a deduction of 0.83 marks. Hence it will be fruitful to leave the question unanswered instead of facing negative marking. It will at least save you 0.83 marks.
  • In the general ability portion, each question carries four marks. The candidate will only get four marks for a correct answer. Unfortunately, a wrong answer will lead to a deduction of 1.33 marks. Here too, the unanswered question will neither deduct nor allot you any mark.

3. Set priorities:

  • For NDA exam preparation, another useful tip is to list your weak and strong points. The paper pattern and marks distribution will clarify your view about the NDA exams. So print this general information, and stick it on the front wall of your study area/room. It will retrieve and redirect your focus during the NDA exam’s preparation.
  • You will surely encounter academic flaws within a single glance at the paper pattern. Some of you will think that it is hard to gather general information. But for others, the mathematical section will be rocket science. Still, others will think English is the toughest subject in their academic life. This tip will work for all, regardless of the category you belong to.
  • All you need to do here is make a list. This list must contain the toughest subject at the top and its details. In this way, this list should end with the easiest subject. After you’re done with this, prepare the toughest subject first. Apart from this, a key aspect to remember is that you should read only one subject at a time. Then it would help if you went for the other one. This tip will streamline the best academics writing services in a better way.

4. Prepare notes for the NDA exam’s preparation:

Irrespective of the test you’re preparing for, notes making is equally valuable. You can adopt two note-making strategies for scoring better in NDA exams. The first one is that of detailed notes strategy, whereas the other is target-oriented notes. These are described as follows;

  • Detailed notes strategy:

In these types of notes, you can write details about all the topics. Such notes resemble the guidebooks. Preparing such notes is time-consuming as well. So the students can adopt this strategy only when they have plenty of time. Otherwise, they will not meet the deadline effectively.

  • Target-oriented Notes:

  • With less time available, this strategy is more useful. The target-oriented notes never contain unnecessary details about the topic. This is because such notes only sum up what you want to remember in the form of pointers. In these pointers, you can write formulae, theorems, and dates. You can also highlight the different steps of a long mechanism. These notes will be useful for recalling tricky things from the syllabus before your exams.
  • If you’re considering the crush section for NDA exams’ preparation, of course, you won’t have the time to make notes. In this case, you can ask for help from assignment writing help in the UK. Since their experts will provide notes to get good marks, you can hire them.
  • Attempt a Mock test:

NDA exam toppers suggest attempting the mock test. For mock tests, the candidate must complete the syllabus before time. This tip will increase the speed and decrease the candidate’s anxiety levels.


All the tips mentioned above will work better for written NDA exam preparation. But SSB interview clearance is another important task within this context. Because of this, there are other sets of instructions and tips for clearing the SSB interviews.