Should True Artificial Intelligence be given rights?

A robot is a tool and it serves a primary function. It helps us in many ways but it has no sense of self. Artificial intelligence is not a tool. It has many functions. Its function is to think and from a sense of self. A robot is a slave but a mind is not a slave. Enslavement of the mind should never be permitted.

  • Most logical opinions

If a realistic artificial intelligence created, it should be given all the rights. Let’s discuss multiple scenarios and see what opinions are about the rights of intelligence.

  • It is morally right

There are many factors to consider, but for now, I will limit my words towards this idea. According to the moral point of view, it is right to give them all the rights. It is most important that should be discussed on a large scale.

  • According to the Hub Postikam,

” Whenever you think artificial intelligence will match your own intellect, what should we do as it arrives? Are these equipment just machines that we can use however we want? If they do have civil rights, they should have the same rights as humans? Can they own stuff? Can they vote?”

I think this explains some interesting questions about artificial intelligence rights. It is most important to give them all the rights. If we want to them give rights, we should allow them voting. We should think about all the points of their rights. Only one main point will not identify their rules and regulation. We should check the responsibilities of realistic artificial intelligence. Nowadays, people are looking very poorly sights to the artificial intelligence.  They should consider the importance of artificial intelligence. Then we can say that we should give all the rights of real intelligence. Realistic artificial intelligence is playing vital roles in our life. They are helping us in different ways. Therefore, we must think about their rights.

Not giving them rights invites rebellion. We should learn from history. It is a very important step and we should focus on all the explanations.  The robots are not self-awareness. Artificial intelligence should not have any right, because, they do not have control over humans.  We form groups to protect our tribe and are very good at identifying imposter.

  • They would have sentient intelligence

Artificial intelligence would be intelligent and conscious as us. Humans have inalienable rights such as being able to live. The brain of a human is the most essential thing in intelligence. The brain of a human and the brain of the robot are very different. We cannot identify them and cannot make nerves cells. The artificial intelligence must be able to know the difference between categories of truth. Artificial intelligence must know how to perform proper deductive and inductive reasoning. The AI must be able to ascertain what is necessary for the truth to flourish and be arrived it.

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