What’s The Solution To McDonald’s Math Problem?

McDonald is an American fast food company. This company was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940. In 1953, this company was turned into a franchise and in 1955, a businessman bought the chain of McDonald from the McDonald brothers.According to the assignment writing service, nowadays, McDonald has become the world’s largest restaurant because this company is serving almost 69 million people on a daily basis. The outlets of McDonald are found in almost 100 countries. The best foods in this company are hamburgers, cheeseburgers and French fries etc. No doubt, this company tries to advertise its business in various ways. Nowadays, it is trying to advertise its business with the help of math problems.

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According to this advertising technique, this company provides some mathematical value to its products like hamburgers, cheeseburgers and French fries and then asks the people to tell the solution of a mathematical problem. After making a picture of these mathematical values and a mathematical equation, this picture is shared on different social media sites. As this picture is eye-catching and interesting for the audience, so, they show their interest in this picture and try to solve this mathematical problem. Moreover, they also try to share this puzzle with their friends and try to get their views and answers. As a result, we can see the advertisement for McDonald’s products. Here, we will try to make such a mathematical puzzle and try to provide the possible answer to this mathematical problem.

One can easily make McDonald’s math problem. For example, if we put m = milkshake, b = burger and c = chips, we can provide values to these variables and try to find out the possible solutions to different McDonald’s math problems. First of all, if we put m = 5, b = 10 and c = 15, find out the solution of the following McDonald’s equation;

m + 2b + 3c = ?

5 + 20 + 45 = 70.

This is the simplest form of McDonald’s equation. There are also some of McDonald’s puzzles. These McDonald’s puzzles are difficult than the mathematical equations. One of these puzzles is explained below;

If the value of three milkshakes is 45, the value of one milkshake will be equal to 15. If the value of four burgers is equal to 80, the value of one burger will be equal to 20. On the other hand, if the value of two chips is equal to 60, the value of one chip will be equal to 30. On the basis of these values, we try to solve the following puzzle;

C + bXm = ?

This puzzle can be solved by following the BODMAS rule. According to BODMAS rule, in this puzzle, first of all, we multiply b and m. As the value of b = 20 and m = 15, the value of b multiply with m will be equal to 300. Secondly, we add this value to the value of c. As the value of c is equal to 30, the value of this puzzle will be equal to 330. Now, we can write this puzzle as;

C + bXm = 330


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