Top Microsoft Office Alternative Apps For Android Mobile

In this modern and competitive world, creating the worth and value of your work requires an extended amount of time. It means giving more time to the office desk. However, the advanced app has made easy to do the best work. Microsoft Apps are really helpful for the businessmen in order to save their time. Undoubtedly, the best office app is alternative choice for the Microsoft Office app. If you don’t have any space to manage your office work then you should use Android App. These Apps are smart in nature and give a world-class performance. Android Apps are capable to create documents and powerful spreadsheets. However, these Apps ensure your high security and great performance. If you will search on the Play store, then you will find plenty of Apps. I have invested my time in searching top Microsoft Office alternative apps for Android mobiles. If you want to use Microsoft app then you can select these best Apps. If you want to get more information about technology then you can contact with Dissertation Writing Services. Without wasting more time, I would like to share top Microsoft office alternative apps for android mobiles.

Google Drive Office Suite

Google drive office suite is the best and useful app for android mobiles. It has consisted of an advanced feature that keeps your data safe. You can save your videos, photos and well as documents. It has advanced feature that gives you back up system. For example, if you have deleted your important data then you can get it back. Instead of that, it has a smart locker that can save your information. By using this App, you have no fear to leak your information. You can edit and view your documents.

Advanced features

• You can share folder and files without any special difficulty
• You can use it offline.
• Google documents share your files.
• By selecting the Google slide option, you can edit your words.

WPS office

Although, this app is exceptionally small in size, yet, it has many remarkable features. This is a great app that you should install in your Mobiles. This app is very useful for its collaborating features with Excel, Google Doc and Memo. You should use this app in order to impress your boss. You can scan your documents and convert them into a PDF form. It is a completely free app that you should use.

Some Qualities

• Allows you to use your mobile camera and scan your documents.
• It supports cloud drive from any device.
• You can select any language, because, it has multiple language support.
• You can make bookmarks and annotation in your documents.

Soft Maker Office

Basically, this is the best app that can be considered as the alternative selection of the Microsoft Office app. It has an alternative combination of Plan Maker and PowerPoint. It is most useful and helpful app, because, it has the ability to provide you service of creating documents and worksheets. It has been updated recently. Let’s know its amazing and smart features.
• This app is able to create, edit and format your text as well as documents. You can work on it very easily.
• You can edit your spreadsheet.
• You can make correction of your text and highlight them.
• It supports to cloud storage.
• In the last update, layout, temples and toolbars are included.


Dropbox is another useful and robust office app that collects all types of your files in a single option. It is a top app for Android, because, you can share your files and scan your files. It also collaborates with all other apps. It has advanced features as well as a high security system. You can save all your documents by setting a password.


• It has a document scanner and you can convert your notes to PDF files.
• An ability to collaborate with all other apps.
• Gives your complete feedback as well as comments.
• You can edit and share your pictures.

Ever Note

Ever Note is another good and collaborative app that helps you in your office work. It gives you brainstorm ideas you can reduce your workload. The features of Ever Note are like social media app and it is very beneficial for businessmen. It is a free app that you must install in your mobiles.


• You can share your notes by URL.
• You can convert and share your files.
• It works as a reminder.
• You can save your data and can set your password.
• You can create notes and lists.