How to Deal Academic Bullies

How to Deal Academic Bullies in University Life?

Most people believe that bullying is a childhood issue and as children grow bigger, they grow out of it. However, this is a completely wrong concept as bullying can take place at any stage, and kids, as well as adults, can be the victims of bullying at their schools, colleges, and universities. Bullies remain bully throughout their life, what starts as a bad habit in childhood grows up with them and becomes a part of how they behave which becomes a big problem for others.

Research by a PhD dissertation writing service in this regard has suggested that bullies do not change their ways and they keep on bullying people around them. It is quickly becoming an issue that needs to be addressed, soon and in the right way to let the bullies know that they are not appreciated for their bad and people perceive them. To deal with bullying most effectively and avoid such people, it is important to understand what bullying is all about and how they can be bullied.

What Is Bullying?

Bullying is when someone is picked on by a person or group. Bullies might make fun of people who they think don’t fit in. bullies make fun of people or pick them up for many reasons including how they look, how they act or behave, their race or religion, social status, or sexual identity and it can come in different types too. Sometimes bullies target their victims physically by shoving, punching, trapping, or hitting while at the time they might target them by gossiping about them or bullying them online by sending them texts and posting insulting things about them on their pictures.

This article is a guide for all those students who have either faced bullying in their academic life or are going through it and helps them understand how to deal with academic bullies in university life most effectively.

Tell A Trusted Adult:

Adults, especially those in positions of authority, like parents, teachers, or coaches can deal with bullies without the bully ever learning how they found out about it. They have their ways to manage things and instead of suffering silently, telling someone can help students get relief from constant bullying.

Ignore The Bully and Walk Away:

Bullies like getting a reaction and they want to see how the other person reacts to their actions. The best way to handle a bully is to either ignore them or walk away to let them know that you do not care but do not act scared as the more scared you will feel, the more they will try to bully you. Let them know in clear terms that you do not like what they are doing and ignore their antics.

Walk Tall and Hold The Head High:

Walking tall and holding the head high is the best way to tell the bully that he or she has not been able to create any problem. Having the right body language is very important as it sends a message that the victim is not vulnerable.

Avoid Being Physical:

It is important to avoid being physical as there more danger of getting hurt and facing trouble because fighting does not get anywhere. Working out anger does not mean getting physical or using blows as it will only create further tension; the best way is to take action that is effective and does not deteriorate matters further.

Practice Confidence:

Confidence is the best way to respond to bullies and let them know that they cannot do anything. The right way to handle such a situation is by responding to the bully verbally or by exuding confidence as bullies try to go after people who get scared easily or are unable to defend themselves. Having the right attitude can help to deal with academic bullies in university life as they see whom they can bully and who does not get affected by their behavior.

Talking to someone, be it a friend, a counselor or a mentor can help to seek support for dealing with such situations. Even though every bully is different and they have different things in mind, their purpose is the same and some good advice can provide an idea about dealing with them the right way. Friends can play a key role in this situation and help to deal with this problem especially when the bully is around somewhere. Dealing with academic bullies in university might not be easy but with a little support and self-confidence, it is possible to give the right message to the bully and avoid them.