10 School Life Hacks that only genius students know

It’s that same time of the year when you need to go to school and start that same life; the school life. But when it comes to having more shortcuts for getting the job done, it is more known as the life hacks. These are the days of hacks. Hacks or shortcuts for doing things make life easier and much easier. They save much of the time. And the best part is that they make geniuses. Do you want to be known as a genius in the school? Here are some of the best life hacks for student life that you can use and be called a genius.

  1. Erase those highlighter marks from the book with lemon juice and a q-tip. When you have borrowed a book of your coursework from your cousin and it is all filled up with the irradiating highlighter marks, you can simply get rid of these marks with the help of a q-tip dipped in lemon juice.
  2. Here is the most bizarre one. In the past, the graphite used to be erased with bread. You can do the same. When your eraser runs out, you can erase those marks with the help of the piece of a bread.
  3. You don’t have the whiteboard and you want to practice something. Here’s the trick. You can use the dressing table mirror as the whiteboard. It can be easily wiped out.
  4. You love hot dogs but they get cold and they taste bad as they are eaten in lunch? Here’s the simple solution. You can store these hot dogs in the thermos. This keeps them fresh and warmer until the lunchtime.
  5. This is one of the most interesting tricks that has been used by the arithmetic teachers for many years. Material needed for this includes the Styrofoam cups. The numbers can be written in three cups and the operations can be written on one. This becomes even more useful than the typical flashcards.
  6. If you want to eat grilled cheese sandwich after school, the frying pan can be lined with the parchment paper and then the sandwich can be cooked on the lowest possible setting.
  7. Don’thave a stapler? You need to attach a set of paper. Here’s the trick. Cut the corner of the bundle of papers and fold them at that corner. This will bind the papers together.
  8. Want to save time on reading larger case studies? You can Skim through the first and the last paragraph of the case study.
  9. If you want to get help for an exam. You can get help from Google. Type in the address, Google “site:

    edu(subject) exam. There is a bunch of college exams on the website.

  10. Do you want to remember something from the course? Speak it out loud. You will remember for a longer period of time.