Guidelines inchoosing a research approach if you are doing a healthcare dissertation

Are you a healthcare or a life sciences degree student? Are you planning to compile and plan your dissertation? Are you stuck! Well, healthcare is a field that covers a great variety of health care related topics. When writing or planning to write a dissertation, it is important that the topic is well thought and well planned. The topic is the rad to well-planned dissertations. Secondly, the topic itself defines the well-designed research methodology for the thesis.

It is important to see that the topic defines the research approach that has to be adopted by the researcher. The research approach is the one that covers the method of research that has to be adopted by the researcher as the dissertation is being written. The research approach is the one that defines the literature review of the thesis as well as the facts that are to be included in the dissertation.

There are two main kinds of research approaches that can be adopted. These include primary research and secondary research. The secondary research is the selection of the pre-published facts from the previous researchers. The research material that is selected for this purpose includes books, research papers and the older literature reviews. This is the older research material that helps in defining the roadmap of the research that has to be presented in the thesis.

The second main approach for research is the primary research. This method is more defined by the research topic itself. The primary research is the method in which the new data has to be gathered. The data is new as it has not been published before and it is new.The researcher needs to look for the methods that can help in finding new results linked to the research topic. Many factors are to be seen by the researcher as he selects the research approach.

It is important that the research approach that has been selected for the thesis is relevant. The approach should be related to the topic of the research. The approach selected should be the one that can help the researcher in finding the answers. The field of healthcare is related to medicine and life sciences, thereby it is important that the lab-based work that has been selected is appropriate and specific. The topics related to healthcare are the ones that require increased interaction with the patients as the samples of the patients need to be collected for research purpose. Thereby, the researcher needs to make sure that the samples can be collected in an appropriate manner.

The research approach is the one that defines the overall output from the research. Thereby it is important that the researcher give complete focus to the selection of the research approach.The research approach helps the researcher in defining the results of the research. Primary or secondary research approach, the researcher needs to make sure that the dissertation is well written and the facts that have been highlighted in the study are relevant.