Increase Math’s Learning

How You Can Increase Math’s Learning Using Android Apps

With the advent of technology, various apps have been introduced to solve math problems with the help of smartphones and tablets. These apps assist the students to solve complex mathematical problems and provide an explanation of the solution. Majority of students can’t understand maths properly by just reading and listening. They need to practice the sums to get a better understanding of the problems. Each problem is different from the other so it is important to solve it in numerous ways before sitting in the exam. You need to work through the math answers step by step while practising the sums. Below experts of dissertation writing services firm have discussed some of the apps that can help you in math’s learning. They will help you to increase your knowledge of math by providing an easy solution to your math problems.


TI-series calculators have been used by the students in high school and college math, where TI-84 is almost always required for solving sums of algebra and calculus. Now you can simply install Wabbitemu on your Android device and use your smartphones instead of TI-series calculators. You don’t need to carry a separate device for your calculations. Wabbitemu will facilitate you with adding ROMs for most popular TI-series calculators that imitate the interface perfectly.


It is one of the well-known apps that incorporate various games designed by researchers and scientist to challenge your brain. You can choose different areas of your interest and can highlight your progress in those areas by using the app. It helps your brain to understand and learn math easily through its mini-games. There are mixed reactions by the users as how much these games are effective in learning math. But you will enjoy playing these games and get a better understanding of various concepts of math. The app is available on the Google Play Store. There is a limited selection of games on free version while the full versions provide access to more games and training materials.

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Brain Wars:

Brain Wars is a free training game that can help you to enhance math learning along with fun. You can compete with your friends or individuals around the world to check your understanding of math. These mind games are designed to enhance your concentration, memory, calculation and judgement. Some of the games in the Brain War are just like Lumosity games. Every challenge is divided into three rounds. The sores are revealed after each round and the player who has the highest score after three rounds wins the game. If you have just installed the app it is better to check out the training section before start challenging people.


It is noted that very often students struggle with math homework. Many times when they look over a math problem they have no idea how to solve it. For such students, yHomework is the best app that allows them to input a complex problem and provide step by step solution to the problem. You only have to tap “Solve” by entering the particular problem. This app will help you a lot in increasing your math learning. It will make your learning process easier by letting you know that how a particular math problem is solved.

Math Maniac:

It is another free game for Android users in which players select the numbers squares that add up to the goal number. When you will solve the first one another goal number will appear on the board. It is an interesting math game. Student can increase their math learning by working on their math reflexes. You can install a free version of the game from Google Play Store.

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Math Workout:

Math Workout provides math exercises on various ranks. Students can complete each exercise once a day and progress to harder levels by completing the easier levels. The various level in the game help students to enhance their learning skills of math. They can challenge their mind with the exercises and check their abilities regarding math by unlocking the complex levels.

Math Effect:

Math Effect is an android app that provides math students with three simple modes to start with their maths learning. You can select between 30-second games, 10 equation formulas or unlimited play. No matter which of the mode you choose the app will help you in better understanding of various concepts of math. These are some of the Android apps that can help you in increasing math learning. You can easily download these apps and start with the process of learning and polishing your abilities.