Robots That Can Cook

Robots That Can Cook and Serve Food for You

A machine which is designed to perform different tasks automatically is known as a robot. A robot can perform these tasks with speed and accuracy. Based on the tasks of the robots, there are various types of robots. The main types of robots are articulated, cartesian, cylindrical, polar and delta etc. We are using these robots in almost all fields of life. Some essential benefits of these robots are that they perform tasks consistently. They perform tasks with perfection. They increase productivity. Nowadays, we are also using robots for cooking and serving food in restaurants. Here, we will discuss the most famous robots that are cooking and serving foods in restaurants.


  • Creator

The creator is the most famous restaurant in San Francisco, California. In this restaurant, they are using a robot to prepare burgers. The robot is performing all the tasks of the burger preparation process. The name of this robot is Rubi Goldberg-esque. This robotic machine is grinding beef, it is frying patties, it is toasting buns and much more. After preparing the burger from this machine, the owner of this restaurant sells it at the price of $6. It is a very reasonable price. The main cause of the reasonable price of this burger is that it requires less human labour. Assignment writing service in the same restaurant, there are also other robots which are taking orders from the customers. They are also serving food to the customers.


  • Briggo

It is a mini café in Austin, Texas. This mini café is also run by the robot baristas. The most important benefit of the use of robots in this mini café is that they are receiving orders from the apps. After receiving orders from the apps, the robots prepare the various coffee-based drinks. After preparing these coffee-based drinks, you can receive your order just by tapping a button. After receiving your order, you can easily sip your drink. Due to this innovative use of the robots in this restaurant, this restaurant was ranked on the list of the top innovative restaurants in 2019. This restaurant is located in Texas. The owner of this restaurant is also planning to launch another outlet in San Francisco. This outlet will be opened near the International Airport. In this outlet, they will also introduce the same technology. By using robots, they are also saving the cost of labour. As a result, they are providing the drinks aa reasonable price to the customers.


  • Spyce

This restaurant is located in Boston, Manchester. They are using robots to prepare food for customers in their robotic kitchen. They provide a menu to the customers. The customers select the required foods from the menu. This menu is fed into the memory of the robots. Based on these instructions, the robots mix the required ingredients automatically to prepare this food. These robots prepare the orders of the customers just within three minutes. The main focus of these robots is to prepare healthy meals. After preparing the healthy meals, this meal is served to the customers. The customers have to pay only $7.50 for this meal. It means that the customers can get the best quality food at a reasonable price.


Robots That Can Cook 1


  • Chowbotics

It is a food restaurant in Redwood City, California. They are also using a robot Sally to perform different tasks. They are using this robotic machine to prepare salads, to grain the bowls and grain other bowl-styled meals. There is a refrigerated compartment in this robot. The Sally keeps these foods fresh in these refrigerated compartments. They have stationed these robots in different places like hospitals, universities and other places. Its reason is that at these places, customers require a quick bite. Another benefit of keeping Sally at these places is that at these places, customers also require around the clock meal. Sally is a lasting great impact on the profit of this restaurant. Its reason is that this robot can provide nine different kinds of bowls to the customers. The restaurant has to invest only in the ingredients. It doesn’t need to invest in human labour. As a result, the restaurant can earn enough profit.


  • Blendid

This restaurant is located in Sunnyvale, California. They are using robots in their restaurant to prepare a smoothie for the customers. Their robots can prepare different kinds of smoothies for customers. Their robot can perform lots of tasks. They use their mechanical arms to dispense the ingredients. They also use these mechanical arms to blend these ingredients. After preparing the smoothie, they pour the smoothie into the cups. After that, they can serve this smoothie to the customers. The customers can enjoy the best quality smoothie at a reasonable price. After getting success in the Sunnyvale, they have also opened their outlet in San Francisco.


  • Wilkinson Baking Company

This company is located in the Walla Walla, Washington. They have brought innovations into the ancient art of the bread making. Now, they are using a robotic automated system to prepare the pieces of bread. With the help of this robotic system, they are performing all the tasks in their company. They are using robots to mix up the dry ingredients. They are using robots to blend the ingredients. They are also using robots to prepare and cook the dough. That’s why they are providing fresh pieces of bread at the grocery stores.


  • Zume Pizza

This outlet is located in the Mountain View, California. The most important aspect of this outlet is that they are using robots and human beings to achieve a common goal. This common goal is to prepare the pizza. Human beings are providing their services to make sauces. On the other hand, they are taking the most important and dangerous tasks from robots. These robots are sliding the pizza dough at the 700 degrees in the ovens. They are also using mobile kitchen trucks. With the help of these mobile kitchen trucks, they are serving the pizza to the customers. Soft Bank has invested $375 million into this outlet. Now, the value of their investment is $2.25 billion.